Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Dear CNN...

Why do you post pictures online of George W. kissing his new cabinet members who happen to be female? No one wants to see that.

Dick Cheney's mysterious bulge, however...

Waste Not, Want it All

Wasn't it bad enough that Democratic voters have had to pick up their pride from the streets? Now we are forced to watch one of the most maniacal administrations set into place a "yes, man" cabinet like no other? So much for checks and balances. No wonder the blue states are feeling, well, blue.

And I promised myself I wouldn't dwell.

In better news, the first season of The L Word is on DVD. Soap-operatic obsession is easy.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Good Cause in Philadelphia

It's called Pie in the Sky. Before you panic to discover that each freshly baked pie costs $25, consider that for the fee, a family of four living with HIV and AIDS gets to eat for Thanksgiving. The proceeds go to MANNA. Find out more about the organization here:

If you're too cheap to spring for a pie, then why not consider volunteering?

How to Stop Hating the Blog

It wasn't the blog I hated, it was the application on that caused the most headaches. Consider this the new chapter for Vanitas Personae, only this time at Blogspot. Thanks for your patience (and don't forget to update the link).